Fees for non-NHS Work

The table below sets out the fees charged by Carn to Coast Health Centres for carrying out work that is not funded under NHS. Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive. Any service required by patients that is not included in the General Medical Services contract and therefore provided privately may attract a fee. In the case of vaccinations not covered by NHS the fees quoted include the costs of the vaccines which are not supplied free to the surgery.

Why are fees charged?

The government's contract with GPs covers medical services to NHS patients. However, in recent years more and more organisations have been involving doctors in a wide range of non-NHS work. This work is not funded by the government, so GPs have to charge a fee to cover their time and other expenses.


Surely the doctor is being paid anyway?


It is important to understand that GP partners are not employed by the NHS. They are self-employed and they have to cover the costs of everything from the limited NHS funds provided - staff wages, buildings, heating, lighting, etc. - in the same way as any small business. The NHS covers costs for NHS work, but not for non-NHS work, the fees charged by GPs contribute towards keeping the surgery running.


Do GPs have to do non-NHS work for their patients?

With certain limited exceptions, GPs do not have to carry out non-NHS work. Many GPs however will always attempt to assist their patients and carry out this work.

Why does it sometimes take my GP a long time to complete my form/letter?

Time spent completing forms & preparing reports takes the GP away from the medical care of patients which will always have top priority. GPs have an ever increasing workload of forms which must be prioritised against offering appointments and other urgent administration. We aim to complete non-NHS work within two weeks of receipt.

I only need the GP's signature - what's the problem?

When a GP signs a certificate, completes a report or writes a letter it is a condition of remaining on the medical register (which allows them to practise as a doctor), that they only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete even the simplest of forms, the doctor may have to check a patient's entire medical record

Should it not be free if it is for the Government? GP surgeries are not part of Government but are funded by it for specific work. Some Government departments do pay fees for certain items directly to Practices and we do not charge for items funded in that way. Increasingly we are finding that certain governmental or pseudo-governmental bodies bodies insisting on forms from surgeries state that they themselves cannot fund this work but that the patient may be able to get it done by surgeries free of charge charge. It is in our view peculiarly inappropriate for such bodies to imply that GP’s should stay on after their surgeries to carry out private work for nothing in order to compensate for that body’s own lack of funds.

Schedule of Fees


Once again please be aware that this list is not exhaustive. Any service required by patients that is not included in the General Medical Services contract and therefore provided privately may attract a fee.

  incl VAT @ 20% where applicable
under Data Protection Act - Subject Access Requests (SARs)No charge, unless "excessive" requests - See SPx or SEH for advice 
CERTIFICATES: Private sicknote printed by clinician there and then no admin time£18.00
 Private sicknote including admin time £31.50
 Passport form/photograph£35.00
 Driving licence photograph£35.00
 Freedom from infection certificate - simple£31.50
 Freedom from infection certificate  - complex£66.50
 Holiday cancellation form/certificate - simple£38.00
 Holiday cancellation form/certificate - complex£66.50
 Fitness to travel certificate/letter printed by clinician there and then £31.50
 Fitness to travel certificate/letter including admin time£66.50
REPORTS:Private medical insurance claim form - simple£38.00
 Private medical insurance claim form - complex£66.50
 Blue Badge form£25.15
 Blue Badge form with exam£39.22
 School fees insurance claim form - simple£38.00
 School fees insurance claim form - complex£66.50
 Sickness/accident insurance benefit claim form - simple£36.00
 Sickness/accident insurance benefit claim form - complex£66.50
 Firearms Report (payment in advance)£85.00
 Employer's report and opinion without/with examination£67.00
 Other private letters from £15 no admin time£16.00
 Other private letters from £30 including admin time£31.50
MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS:Private medicals as listed below: (per half hour)£127.50
   Pre-employment medical with report £127.50
   LGV, PCV, HGV, taxi driver medical£127.50
   Elderly driver fitness certificate without/with full medical£127.50
   Insurance Company medical£127.50
 Mental Capacity AssessmentRefer to SMT 
 Power of Attorney Medical (patient only) 30 mins and report£170.00
 Power of Attorney Report only£85.00
 Adoption/Fostering medical                  Form AH£73.86
                                                                   Form AH2£24.36
PRIVATE PRESCRIPTIONS:Private prescription - fee for issue £10.00
TRAVEL ABROAD:CholeraNo Charge
All travel vaccs are to be booked at HCTetanus / DPTNo Charge
Typhoid ( 1 vaccination )No Charge
Hepatitis A No Charge
PolioNo Charge
PRIVATE TESTS:All Blood Tests  (£26.50 plus lab charge per blood test. Lab fee to be determined from Lab as fees vary widely - Lab telephone number 01872 252554) 
 ECG £65.00
 Category 2 specimens faeces, sputum, swabs, urines, MRSA screen, blood-antigen /antibody, blood HIV antibody, blood syphilis antibody, Hep B, C + HIV. These tests are sent to pathology for non-clinical purposes such as insurance, superannuation, foreign travel, emigration, sport and recreation and in connection with the routine screening of workers to protect them or the public from specific health risks) RCHT WILL BILL PATIENT DIRECTLY, C2C ADMIN FEE £26.50£26.50
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